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The most important relationship you can have is with yourself. This determines what you experience in your relationships with others – in your personal, family, work, and community settings. It also determines your expectations of what you can be, do and have in every aspect of your life.

I can teach you how to break free from unhealthy thinking habits that cause you to repeat negative behaviour patterns such as self-sabotage, perfectionism, co-dependency, jealousy, poor boundaries or choosing unsuitable partners.

This service is available for individuals, couples and groups, whether or not you are in a romantic relationship. Healthy Boundaries = Healthy Relationships!

What is the difference between counselling and coaching?

In a nutshell: Counselling is reflective and restoration orientated. Coaching is planning and action orientated.

In general, a ‘counsellor’ is someone who creates a safe and supportive space for you to explore who you are and what you want in life. They help you identify and solve problems. They are a support system to help you gain the strength and clarity to cope and to move forward at last.

A ‘life coach’ is someone who is trained to help you see clearly where you are today, then find ways to move forward towards your goals. They do not tell you what to do, they are a sounding board to help you discover what it is you want to do.

Many counsellors integrate life-coaching approaches, often called ‘psychological coaching’. This includes helping you identify obstacles, set goals, change your perspective, and identify and change your core beliefs.  (J.Blundell)

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I wanted to express my gratitude to Janet for her counselling and tools that she provided for me in counselling enabling me to get the healing I needed. She supported me with grounding techniques and how to refresh my mind and to recognise my own first aid toolkit. The Toolkit is a must-have skill for you. Other strategies such as handling the stages of grief served as a method of me confidently expressing my emotions.

I learned how to set boundaries and therefore in valuing the people I love and to deal with relationships better. Together, we looked at writing letters to self which was such an eye-opener of learning about my subconscious thinking. I never felt pushed in the meetings and yet I experienced that she really was interested in working together for good.

I am now able to take matters into my own hands now and resolve issues, regulating my own emotions and functioning reflectively as an adult. And with both having a faith we allowed prayer to cement the heart of our Christian relationship with God.

SC, School Teacher & Youth Mentor. Kent

Coming to counselling has been a breathe of fresh air and a needed episode in my life. At a time when facing many personal challenges and feeling stuck, finding Janet was a God-send.

I spent a year in counselling and although the travelling distance presented its challenges I’m so glad I took the time to look after myself and create some space for much needed emotional healing.

I always felt very safe and very welcomed in the counselling room. I was able to relax and be myself. Her warmth and openness played a major role in our connecting and my ability to remain hopeful about the sessions.

Janet was so in tune with and sensitive to my vulnerabilities often bringing strength through her acceptance of me and her encouragement, coupled with her gentle sense of humour. I would 100% recommend Janet for counselling. It was time and money well spent.

DM, Art Therapist & Writer

I decided to get some counselling after yet another rejection from a Christian guy propelled me into the arms of someone I knew wasn’t good for me; I was sick of being single! Janet helped me by challenging my thinking and attitude towards dating, helping to restore my self-worth, validating my feelings and giving me the tools I needed to date men and have a successful relationship.

Soon after I finished my counselling sessions I made the decision to go on dates. The first person I met turned out to be my husband-to-be! It was a God thing, a divine appointment if you like, but only because I was ready to pursue it. If I hadn’t have done the counselling beforehand and learned from Janet and the authors she introduced me to, we probably wouldn’t be together – I would have missed my opportunity.

I encourage any single girl who wants to be married to explore Janet’s effect dating strategies – it worked for me!

JR, Professional Musician

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