Have you ever joined me on a live on a Thursday evening in my Facebook group?  Maybe you have heard me on one of the many radio shows I've been asked to speak on, or seen me on TV or at a conference? Or maybe you have been following me on social media for a while and want to know more about how I have helped so many people? Over the [...]

Navigating Grief & Loss: 3 part video series

The death and burial of HRH Queen Elizabeth II has triggered widespread grief and mourning in a phenomenon called Collective Grief. The effect of this can be intensified recent memories of grief and loss. To help offer some guidance on how to manage this confusing time, myself and bereavement coach Dorothy Ann Dwyer ran 3 Facebook live Q&A sessions on navigating grief and loss. You can find links to the [...]

Overcoming loneliness & isolation- Premier Christian Radio (live phone in)

Do you feel lonely? In a crowd? In a relationship? In singleness? As human beings we all have a desire for a connection with others, therefore loneliness and isolation can be extremely painful. Listen in to find some solutions. If you have any questions or any enquiries about the themes discussed in the show please contact me for further information.

The 10 most common symptoms of PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder is found in people that have suffered a significant traumatic event in the past. This can range from childhood bullying, rape, child abuse, war, law enforcement, or any other terrifying or violent event. Everyone is unique in their ability to process and deal with trauma. PTSD is a serious disorder that increases the likelihood of suicide or intentional self-harm. Over the course of a lifetime, the odds [...]

How to avoid losing yourself in a relationship

Does the rest of your life suffer when you fall in love? If so, you may have a tendency to lose yourself in a relationship. It’s natural to be swept away when you first start dating someone new. The trouble starts when time goes by and you fail to regain your sense of balance. It can happen in healthy relationships, especially if you have unrealistic expectations about romance. It can [...]

7 tips to find your purpose

What is purpose and why do we need it? When you don’t understand the purpose of a thing, you are bound to abuse it, or allow it be misused. (Dr Miles Munroe) The same principle can be applied to you as a human being. You were created on purpose by a loving Creator, who has good plans for you. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the [...]

What is coaching?

Combining the best aspects of business, psychology, philosophy, spirituality and personal finance, coaching allows individuals to reach goals, while improving daily in all aspects of life. There are three main reasons why coaching works: Collaboration:  Through teamwork in the form of a partnership, the client and coach can accomplish more than any one person alone. Foundation:  With the right foundation, clients can take on greater projects more often, using suggestions [...]

Effective communication in marriage

Do you want a marriage that's filled with passion, excitement and mutual respect? The key to experiencing the type of marriage you've always dreamed about is effective communication. At the foundation of every intimate relationship is communication. The greater the depth of communication, the stronger the bond is between you and your spouse. Marriages survive and thrive when each person shares their thoughts and feelings on a regular basis. You [...]

Toxic relationships – Premier Christian Radio (live phone in)

Listen in to hear practical suggestions, resources, and signposting and hope provided for listeners by Janet McNish (MBACP) Registered Counsellor & presenter Michael Fanstone. Live Phone-in. If you have any questions or any enquiries about the themes discussed in the show please contact me for further information.


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I wanted to express my gratitude to Janet for her counselling and tools that she provided for me in counselling enabling me to get the healing I needed. She supported me with grounding techniques and how to refresh my mind and to recognise my own first aid toolkit. The Toolkit is a must-have skill for you. Other strategies such as handling the stages of grief served as a method of me confidently expressing my emotions.

I learned how to set boundaries and therefore in valuing the people I love and to deal with relationships better. Together, we looked at writing letters to self which was such an eye-opener of learning about my subconscious thinking. I never felt pushed in the meetings and yet I experienced that she really was interested in working together for good.

I am now able to take matters into my own hands now and resolve issues, regulating my own emotions and functioning reflectively as an adult. And with both having a faith we allowed prayer to cement the heart of our Christian relationship with God.

SC, School Teacher & Youth Mentor. Kent

Coming to counselling has been a breathe of fresh air and a needed episode in my life. At a time when facing many personal challenges and feeling stuck, finding Janet was a God-send.

I spent a year in counselling and although the travelling distance presented its challenges I’m so glad I took the time to look after myself and create some space for much needed emotional healing.

I always felt very safe and very welcomed in the counselling room. I was able to relax and be myself. Her warmth and openness played a major role in our connecting and my ability to remain hopeful about the sessions.

Janet was so in tune with and sensitive to my vulnerabilities often bringing strength through her acceptance of me and her encouragement, coupled with her gentle sense of humour. I would 100% recommend Janet for counselling. It was time and money well spent.

DM, Art Therapist & Writer

I decided to get some counselling after yet another rejection from a Christian guy propelled me into the arms of someone I knew wasn’t good for me; I was sick of being single! Janet helped me by challenging my thinking and attitude towards dating, helping to restore my self-worth, validating my feelings and giving me the tools I needed to date men and have a successful relationship.

Soon after I finished my counselling sessions I made the decision to go on dates. The first person I met turned out to be my husband-to-be! It was a God thing, a divine appointment if you like, but only because I was ready to pursue it. If I hadn’t have done the counselling beforehand and learned from Janet and the authors she introduced me to, we probably wouldn’t be together – I would have missed my opportunity.

I encourage any single girl who wants to be married to explore Janet’s effect dating strategies – it worked for me!

JR, Professional Musician

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