The death and burial of HRH Queen Elizabeth II has triggered widespread grief and mourning in a phenomenon called Collective Grief. The effect of this can be intensified recent memories of grief and loss.

To help offer some guidance on how to manage this confusing time, myself and bereavement coach Dorothy Ann Dwyer ran 3 Facebook live Q&A sessions on navigating grief and loss.

You can find links to the recordings here:

Part 1. Grief & Loss. Types of Grief. Stages of Grief.

Part 2. What Happens after the Funeral? The impact of grief begins to intensify as the bereaved person is no longer distracted by the funeral preparations. There’s more time to reflect, more time to feel, and questions about how to live without that person in your life.

Part 3. Living Loss: The grief we feel when there’s no physical death, but a significant loss nonetheless.


Resources for you

To help you further I’ve created an infographic about the 5 Stages of Grief to help you understand your emotions during your grief process. Please read this in the context of any of the videos in the series.

the 5 stages of grief


If you have any questions or any enquiries about the themes discussed in the show please contact me for further information.